Keynote Speakers

Altitude training: New insights for both distance and sprint cross-country skiers

Grégoire Millet, Professor of Exercise Physiology at ISSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences) in Lausanne.

Grégoire Millet is a Professor of Exercise Physiology at ISSUL (Institute of Sport Sciences) in Lausanne, the “Olympic Capital”. His main research topics are: physiological responses to exercise in hypoxia; optimization of interval-training; mechanical and physiological coupling in sport locomotion; analysis of fatigue (neuromuscular and heart rate variability); ultra-endurance. Grégoire was a professional triathlete (French Champion) in an earlier life, has coached elite triathletes and has attended several Olympic Games.

Newton and alpine ski racing: Our journey towards understanding how the laws of physics set the foundation for performance

Dr. Robert Reid, Norwegian Ski Federation

Robert Reid is the Sport Science Director for the Norwegian Ski Federation (Alpine Skiing). He works together with the alpine skiing coaching staff to define their strategy for athlete development, and supports them in implementing this strategy through training and competition preparation. Robert has a PhD in biomechanics from the Norwegian School of Sport Science, where his research focused on the mechanics of alpine ski racing.

The female skier: Physiology and considerations for coaching practice

Dr. Johanna Ihalainen, Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre and Guro Strøm Solli, PhD candidate, Nord University/SenTIF NTNU

Johanna Ihalainen is a Senior Researcher at the Swedish Winter Sports Research Centre at Mid Sweden University. Johanna completed her PhD in Exercise Physiology at the Department of Biology of Physical Activity, University of Jyväskylä in 2018. Her expertise includes inflammation and biomarkers of training load. Her post-doctoral research is focusing on female physiology and the effects of menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptives on performance. Johanna is a former endurance athlete. Nowadays, she is a recreationally active exerciser, commuting by cycling or running daily.

Guro Strøm Solli is a former cross-country skier with the Norwegian national team. She currently works at Nord University, teaching and coaching on the sports studies program specifically designed for biathletes and XC-skiers. Guro is also a PhD candidate at the Centre for Elite Sport Research at NTNU, Trondheim. Her research focuses on world-class endurance training, with a special emphasis on the female endurance athlete. One of her main projects involves the analysis of the most successful winter Olympian, Marit Bjørgen.

Optimising athleticism for improving performance on snow

HC Holmberg

H-C Holmberg is a Professor of Sport Science at Mid Sweden University and the Arctic University in Tromsø. He’s also affiliated to Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and University of British Colombia in Vancouver. Professor Holmberg’s research (with more than 180 scientific publications) focuses primarily on elite sport, with a special interest in skiing, using integrated physiological and biomechanical characterization to elucidate mechanisms for improving performance.

Twitter: HCHolmberg1
Instagram: the_olympic_professor